The Fleiss Feast

Artist Chris Reynolds and head Chef Teresa Montańo of the renowned Racion and Chef Mia Wasilevich from Transitional Gastronomy created the first culinary biography. The multi-course meal reinterpreted the life of the Madame Heidi Fleiss while channeling 90’s Los Angeles by sublimating the diner’s carnal desires for flesh into a more socially acceptable but a no less gluttonous one of our carnivorous love of food. Chefs Teresa and Mia created six different courses that included experimental recipes such as the bone broth “cocaine” soup, a Black Book Caesar Salad and a Parrot Caviar topped with little hard boiled quail eggs. Artist Christopher Reynolds created an installation inspired by one of Fleiss’s most infamous locations of business, the Beverly Hills Hotel pool. With a virtual shimmer, guests lounged around the holographic water while listening to a dance mix that only a 90’s child could appreciate. And most importantly, each guest was given a numbered room key that took them to their reserved place setting. Attached to this key was a golden fork, the only cutlery the diner’s could use throughout the duration of the meal.