Black Dahlia Dinner

Artist Julie Orser and Chef Jonathan Moulton of the Block and Wheel underground dinner series, come together to create the second meal for Los Angeles Eats Itself. Centering around the fabled murder of Elizabeth Short, otherwise known as the Black Dahlia, Moulton and Orser have created a six-course dinner based on what the Black Dahlia might have eaten on the night of her disappearance in 1947. Orser has also invited Cloak + Dagger’s Rebecca Swanner, known for her work as the Depressed Cake Shop, to create a uniquely bittersweet dessert and apertif. Lastly ceramicist Brandon Lipe, in collaboration with Julie Orser, has designed a one-of-a-kind dinner plate for the event. The plates will be editioned and given away to the audience at the close of the meal.

Orser and Moulton used the meal as an attempt to get beyond the more obvious sensationalism of the macabre. Orser’s focus was on the woman herself, the personal details about who Elizabeth Short was, how she and others in her industry existed in this time, before Los Angeles had been branded the city of noir, now often mythologized to death by Hollywood. Orser and Moulton’s ultimate goal was to place you deeply in the historical point of view of Short, to understand her not as her writers tell her story, but get you closer to the day to day lived experience of a woman who became famous in ways none of us would want.

The Black Dahlia Dinner would not have been possible without the generous support of  the WUHO Gallery.